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Care, Benefits and Importance of Tire Services

Proper maintenance of tires is important for the vehicle to be considered road worthy. Maintanance of the tires makes breaking, acceleration and steering possible To ensure your safety while driving, it is important to take your vehicle to tire experts for servicing Tire pressure is the most common cause for tire failure It can result in wearing out of tires and this can cause the vehicle to lose control and cause an accident A tire gauge is used to check the tire pressure Tires can lose up to 50% of pressure without appearing flat The spare tire should be checked too.

To extend the lifespan of tires, it is vital to rotate the tires regularly This is best done after every 5,000 miles Rotation ensures the tears wear out evenl The functions of front and rear tires are not the same Varying amounts of weight make the difference in their functions. To reduce the tread wear and make the difference even, it is important to rotate them The most commonly used method during rotation is moving the front tire wheels in an X-pattern. Poor alignment will make the vehicle pull sideways and cause shaking of the steering wheel. Poor alignment occur when a vehicle hitting a pothole or a curb This causes the tires to unevenly wear off reducing its lifespan and increasing the risk of a blow out

It is important to have your thread inspected and measured. Wearing out of tires on certain spots results in the vehicle lacking the recommended grip which makes it unsafe to drive in adverse conditions This is mostly done during service providers during alignment and rotation The tires have to be replaced when the thread gets worn out by 1/6 of an inchIt is done by placing a penny on a tread groove to know if the tires are fit for driving Wheels are able to rotate evenly by performing tire balancing. Failure of proper balancing of tires causes strain on the suspension system and shortens the lifespan of the the tires Tire balancing is done if there are improper vibrations and after remounting of the wheels during servicing

Proper care and maintenance of your car depends on where you take your car for servicing. Your vehicle specifications will determine when to buy new tires If you have to combine radial and non radial tires make sure you don’t mix them on the same axle. It is recommended that you change all the tires at the same time but if you have to buy only two, they need to be fit on the rear end of the vehicle

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