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Corporate Advocates.

Current business environment is full of activities that will require legal expertise. It is not advisable for companies to undertake such transaction without having lawyers present as it may later lead to problems. Functions of a company’s lawyer includes.

Guiding the firm on the procedures to follow when acquiring long term assets such as real estate. It is important for a company to have a lawyer when planning to buy long term assets. Due to the high number of persons selling items that do not belong to them under pretense. The responsibility of the company’s advocate is to ensure the seller is the rightful owner or has the authority to sell the property. On top when it comes to acquisition of machines the lawyers are in charge of ensuring the terms set are followed such as issuing of warranty.

Firm’s lawyers are also responsible for dealing with workers’ disputes. Industrial action taken by employees is a common thing in current labor market. The responsibility of the advocate is to guide the company on the legal procedures to follow and to represent the company. In the past we have seen companies being sued for wrongful dismissal of employees. This has resulted in company being found liable to pay the employees large amount of money to settle the case. The advocate will also help the firm develop a good work contract document.
There are also so many statutory rules and regulations that companies are expected to follow. Companies hire lawyers to make them understand what is expected of them, legally, by the government.

Companies get sued all the time for various reasons. When a company gets sued it is advisable to hire a lawyer to guide them throughout the case. Nowadays some cases may be craft against the company to intimidate them so that they oblige to the plaintiff demands even though they case may be not well grounded. Also the company may need to take legal action against another company or person, thus creating a need to have a lawyer undertake that responsibility.

During any negotiation, it is important to have legal representation. Negotiation may involve suppliers or competitors who propose combining of the companies. Lawyer role is to educate the company on the different legal requirements and the disputes resolution channels provided by the law.
Companies whose shares are traded in the public also require lawyers to guide them through various legal requirements such as the members of the board and different shares laws. Public companies also hire professional legal counselors to boost the confidence of the investors in the company.

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