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Who are Casualty Adjusters? Many of the insurance companies in their marketing messages will not inform you about the role of property adjuster when you lose your house to an accident. When an accident occurs many property owners assume that they will be compensated after filling the claims form. Only when accidents occur resulting in losses to the property owner come to interact for the first time with property claims’ appraisers. Therefore it is important to understand the functions performed by casualty adjusters. The following guideline illustrates the functions performed by property adjusters. They investigate the accident. This is done to ensure the accident is not a result of the property owners’ negligence or it was intentionally caused. To do this, the appraiser will question various partied which are either involved or were witness to the accident. Also, police statements will also be analyzed. The other function of property adjusters is determining the level of damage to the property. The aim is to quantify the accident loss in monetary terms. The estimate is used in determining the liability of the insurance company to the home owner. Property claim appraisers are also responsible for matching the cause of the accident with the insured risk. Meaning for a person to be compensated the cause of accident should match with the insured risk. Property claim appraisal will also enquire whether the conditions of the insurance agreement had been observed by the home owner.
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It is very likely the decision made by casualty adjuster to be biased against the home owners. Hence it is recommendable for property owners to outsource the services of an independent casualty adjuster. Personal property claim appraisers help the property own by. They assist the insurance client in the proper way of reporting accident and requesting for compensation. People usually undermine the importance accuracy in this stage because they do not understand the insurance company may deny liability as a result of inaccurate claims form. Thus it is very important to get the guidance of a qualified property claim appraiser.
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Personal property adjuster will also oppose biased reports presented by the insurance company’s casualty adjusters. The inaccuracies in the insurance report claim is supported by the personal casualty adjusters having their testimonials. Decision is reached by having a mediator listen to both sides and assist in making of the final decision. They negotiate on behalf of the home owners on the terms of settlement. This involves bargaining on the actual value of the loss. Insurance company appraisers role is making the liability to the company as low as possible. Thus the main reason for recruiting a personal property adjustor is to fight for you to be paid an amount equivalent to your loss.