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Ideas for Customizing Your Wedding

Most couples today are opting for a wedding which is unique and reflects their personalities and their real feelings for each other. They want ideas that are personalized which will work for them to be included in the various areas of the wedding instead of coming up with a wedding that is just like the rest. Another reason for wanting their wedding to be unique is that they would want to impress their relatives and friends that are used to the normal weddings and believe that it’ll be the same old way of doing things.

Nowadays, weddings consist of many developments. To make the wedding how you want it to be, you can customize it. If you and your spouse enjoy doing things together, you might include these things as one of the ideas to own your wedding. if both of you have the same circle of friends, you can also have a reflection of what you have with the people invited.

A perfect place to include your personal touch is your wedding ceremony. It helps in setting the tone for the day and marks that special time that you exchange vows with each other. To avoid making your wedding ordinary and give it that special touch, consider a wedding sand ceremony .

A wedding sand ceremony entails mixing sand of two unique colors. The wife and husband each hold a jar of sand in their favorite color. They pour the sand collectively as a means to represent their coming together and become one. Most couples are now opting for a wedding sand ceremony rather than the traditional unity candle lighting. What makes the occasion even more unique is how the bride and groom get to retain the vase of sand and keep it in their house to try to remember the vows they made to one another.

The other excellent idea is to employ an extra photographer who also brings a mobile printer with them. The people attending the wedding will be permitted to request copies of their photographs on site so that they get to go home with a few of those memories. Ensure that you have a lot of printing paper as preparation as there’s a high likelihood that this is going to be a big hit.

These days, a lot of folks own a smartphone. This means that they are most likely in one or more of the social media sites. It is possible to benefit from this and give your visitors an Instagram hashtag before the ceremony begins. Every time the guests take photos, they could post them on Instagram and ask them to utilize the hashtag. To get all the photos posted online, you can utilize this hashtag.