Emails – My Most Valuable Tips

GAINS OF ADAPTING ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION Business processes in an organization work well when there is a set of procedures for communication between players in the various stages of production. When information is received on time within the value chain, individuals responsible are able to work their part and pass on the message to the other party within the chain. When all these are well coordinated, decision making process is made easier. The final result is increased efficiency in production process, increased sales, profitability and improved shareholders value. Use of emails in an organization has many gains. First is the efficiency of communication. With an email, reports can be sent to more than one person in an organization. These have the advantages of monitoring the performance of staff and their grasp of the company processes. Therefore it is imperative for an organization to set up email addresses for each staff so that communication between the various departments can be done with ease. Irrespective of the distance between the staff, whether within or outside the country, communication can still be done in a cheaper way by use of emails that are linked to their phones, tablets or laptops. It also implies, decisions and consultations can still be done with minimum costs.
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Email help in preserving a record of communication between the parties and can be referenced or retrieved in case of any arising dispute. It is possible to track non-responsive staff to customers inquiry by checking the thread of the time and dates of correspondences.
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Fourth, Confidentiality of information can be preserved by use of an email. It is possible to pass sensitive information or data to the intended person without compromising its safety. This is because; emails are only accessed through the passwords to the mails. So no unauthorized person can get access to the data unless specifically sent to. Fifth, traceability of information is possible through emails. This is because; the address is unique to each staff. Therefore, when competitors get access to unauthorized data, it is possible to carry out a system audit and be able to identify whose email address was used to leak the company information, and apprehend the culprit. There are so many gains that are associated with emails in an organization. Prime of all is the efficient communication among the organization staff. Record preservation is well enhanced. With email, timeliness of communication among the staff and the customers is well monitored and achieved. Email communication has the effect of improving the company image to the outside world. It also improves on trust because there is a written communication emanating from a recognized address.