Classroom Activities Inspired by Technology

Special Activities and Communications

I guess you realize how great it is to walk into your classroom in the morning and all the kids are in their desk, sitting still, doing their morning activities and having their free in-classroom breakfast! Yes, that is wonderful. Do you see a problem here?
Sometimes, well, to be honest, it doesn’t go that well. The picture is more like a teacher walks into the classroom, and you have to call several students to task because they are out of their seats and misbehaving. There are Apps for playing music for short intervals to get the students quieted down in the morning or organizing your students for group instruction, like Class Dojo. At other times, especially if the kids are supposed to go to related arts, but the Music teacher called out that day, and the substitute didn’t show up. Good News you came prepared for today! You are ready with the simple press of a download button!

Recommended Apps for Teaching

Many of the schools are adopting the iPhone as another tool for helping kids keep organized, offer incentives in the classroom for reducing behavior issues, coordinating teachers at the end of the day for easy exit from school and coordinate the “Red, Blue, Green and Orange” Bus lines.

At the last minute, the principal asked the teacher to keep the students in the class. Melody Jams, Crayola DJ, or Duckie Heck Homemade Orchestra are all designed to keep younger kids active, but at the same time are also fun and interactive. Today most schools have a cart of computers in every room or at least nearby that can be used. If not, a teacher can have these apps on their homeroom computer. Of course, it may be necessary to contact the school district ITT person to see how you can upload these programs onto your homeroom iPads for occasions like just described.

Choosing the App that fits your Communication Needs

It is not always easy to make a decision about using technology in the classroom, but there is help. In a recent article to help teachers with emerging technology the author gives seven characteristics of an app that make it more compatible to your needs in the classroom.

  • Classroom Connection-it keeps the student on task to the assignment.
  • Authenticity-elicits a meaningful experience for the student.
  • Feedback-a student can repeat the exercise until learned.
  • Differentiation-student can adjust it to his/her educational needs, rank 1-10.
  • User Friendly-easy for the student to learn and use.
  • Student Motivation-students use as directed by instructor.
  • Reporting-provides feedback to student and teacher as a learning experience.

Not All Apps are Created Equal

The primary consideration to a teacher is to sift through all of the technology that does not offer the criteria they are seeking to successfully carry out their duties and form a learning environment for teacher and student. If the app meets your standards as a learning app, you probably have a winner.