Being Prepared for Extreme Weather

National Weather Service Alerts are very important in a society that continuously experiences more and more climate change and extreme weather conditions every year. Most know this but what are the actual benefits of being alerted when extreme weather events strike near someone that we care about? That is a great question to think about and it’s also very important to understand how an extreme weather event can affect the city we could be living in or be at any given time. Having more communication during extreme weather events will only help during times of trouble and confusion. These are very important concerns and a small summary of details will be provided to hopefully provide some useful information on weather alert systems that will hopefully help to inform readers.

Why you need access to a weather alert system?

The two organizations that provide information on extreme weather events are known as (NWS) National Weather Service and (NOAA) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and together they provide us with information on the extreme weather and warnings. According to the Bulletin of the American Meterological Society(2009),”Some dissemination technologies such as digital television, cell phones, reverse 911, internet, and some newer siren systems can take advantage of these smaller “Storm based Warnings(p.1767)”. Furthermore, this means that getting extreme weather updates may not reach you in time due to the system still updating county codes. Though this can be scary and unwarranted territory for many there are services that provide severe weather alerting. One service is called Emergency Weather Alert System by Singlewire software and can be found at this website This can be one of many message notification systems anyone can look into in order to provide them and their families a little bit more relief in case of an extreme weather emergency, the more warnings the better when it comes to family and loved ones.

Why Weather Alert Systems are Important

Weather alert systems are very important they can notify many individuals within a given county to let them know about extreme weather events at any given time. Furthermore, some cities may not be fully prepared to deal with extreme weather events that can occur. For example, if the problem is a heat wave roads, ambulances, and power grids may not be able to sustain its production due to the weather altering elements. According to the Environmental Health Journal (2017),”Institutional and collective adaptation for resilience to extreme weather includes enhanced risk governance and professional practice, and action in wider society to change collective social processes [92]. Several authors call for improvements in evaluation of, and response to risks (p.27).” Moreover, if peer reviewed authors are saying that improvements in the infrastructure still need to be made it is very important to make sure every individual has access to a weather alert system. It is important for everyone to do more research on this subject to make sure as many people can be prepared during an extreme weather events.