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How to Install Quality Rural High Speed Internet The fastest internet connectivity at the moment comes from cable and fiber-optic services and these are available in most of the places. These technologies are however not available in the rural areas. The problem of slow internet in the rural areas is being solved by satellite companies that are coming up with ways for faster internet solutions. Since there is no access to fiber-optic and cable services in the rural areas, satellite internet has now become the best option. Usually, these other internet connection options use dial-up connections that tend to tie up phones but not with the satellite internet connection. The satellite is positioned 22,000 miles above the equator and this makes them geostationary. The earth rotates and this means that the satellite will stay at a specific point. The first internet audience experienced slow internet speeds when satellite internet was being introduced. At the moment, there is faster internet access because the information is transmitted faster as the audiences have advanced. Satellites communicate with a ground station and this is how your computer is going to get information to and fro. The satellites will relay internet data to and fro and the ground station is the one that will relay this information. A modem and antenna dish are some of the equipment you will need once you sign up for satellite internet and the company will install them for you. Satellites need clear lines of sight since they are located above the equator meaning the dish should face south. This is the reason why the dish is put outside with an unobstructed view to communicate with the satellite. Obstructions are not a problem in the rural areas. The antenna will then be connected to a modem that will connect to your computer using the Ethernet cable.
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Since different people have different needs, the pricing and availability is going to differ. Downstream speeds tend to be faster than the upstream ones for satellite internet. The connection that you subscribe to is the one that will determine the kinds of speeds you get because different companies offer different speed plans. It is worth noting that the speeds are going to go down once you have exceeded the amount of data that you subscribed to. The service provider is going to give you a lengthy contract when you are buying the satellite internet connection. If you can be able to lock the introductory price for the entire contract term, the better for you. There should be a hibernation plan just in case you travel while still maintaining the contract.The Art of Mastering Businesses