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Things You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Ceremony Perfect.

Weddings differs from one to another depending on well it is organized. Wedding is meant to portray how two people feel and express their feelings towards each other. This is a moment that is usually a long waited for both partners to be joined together and become one.

In the recent past, to get married couples did not have to wait for long for their wedding after they are engaged. This is contrary to the present time where couples are not in a rush to get married even after getting engaged.

Reason being a large number of couples are now catering for wedding expenses. Unlike the traditions, where the parents would finance the cost of their children’s wedding. Couples may need to purchase a few stuff such a house, car or even land before getting married after their engagement.

As opposed to the traditional view of marriage where couples were given little or no choice to have a say in their wedding, at present, the choice belongs to the couple. Wedding ceremonies have now been made to express the love of two people unlike the popular signing of the marriage certificate and reciting vows. But a chance to create lasting memories and making promises as a sign of their commitment in their love.
At present each wedding ceremony has a unique look depending on the extras they attach to it.

First, vows be it traditional or religious are commonly considered as important rite to express a long-lasting commitment in a marriage for a lifetime. This ceremonial tradition in wedding involved reciting and signing written vows. However, ways of making of vows these have changed to make it more appealing to the couples. Unlike the usual flat speeches, couples can now add their love vows either by way of writing.

The Sandsational Sparkle Sand Ceremony Kit is now being introduced into wedding ceremonies. This is where couple recite or read vows while pouring in coloured sand into a vase. This the vessel is then displayed on that perfect day to be a sign of reminder of their love. Using the Sandsational Sparkle Sand Ceremony Kit of your choice of style will give your wedding a unique visual presentation.

As a sign of unity and two people becoming one, handfasting was adopted in wedding ceremonies. Here, hands were literally tied together as couples recited or read their vows or even after. There is also a tradition that some couple opt to stay tied throughout the night of marriage till their first breakfast. Feeding each other during this time is considered to be a way of affirming their love for each other for a lifetime.

It is also a common ceremonial tradition to plant a tree or seed so as to demonstrate how your love is going to grow just like the tree or seed. Planting of tree is one of the ways used to celebrate and mark couple’s love in wedding ceremonies despite the belief that it is of Pagan origin. The success of the marriage was believed to be dependent on the state of the tree or seed. If the tree grew to maturity it meant good marriage.
A lifetime happiness in marriage is greatly dependent on the incentives you give to your wedding ceremony.