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The Reasons You Need Utility Locators, Concrete X-ray Scanners or Concrete Radars In case you understand that concrete has a problem or weakness, you should not think of demolishing it. On the other hand, you don’t need to do all that, in fact, you have several alternatives. The most common ones are the concrete scanning X rays and the ground penetrating radar (GPR). Depending on your needs both of them have their advantages. It is when you want to locate rebar or the post electrical cables that you use the X-ray scanner. The WHO has classified the X rays as carcinogen and therefore when you use this technique you should evacuate everyone in the area. The technicians doing the job should also be protected. The other method that you can use which is more healthy, more immediate and efficient is the ground penetrating radar. Everything that is in the concrete will be readily detected by the concrete radar. If the thickness of the concrete is not more than eighteen inches in size, the GPR can be used to inspect structures such as the bridges, towers, and other surfaces. Any anomaly that is identified in the concrete or the surface will be easily mapped by the GPR image.
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The X-ray scanner has some advantages over the ground penetrating radar which makes it be used. Using the X-ray enables a person to identify even the smallest items or fractures in the wall. It is easy to use the computer in the different aspects of a scanner such as a tomography and a fluoroscopy. It is for this reason that people prefer the scanner than the GPR.
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The two technologies also can be compared by looking at the amount of money incurred when you hire either of them. The use of the concrete radar will require less amount of money than when you use the scanner. As a result of the improvement in the radar technology, it is now easy to process and manipulate images. A lot of individuals now prefer this method because it is also not expensive. It can be used in all the places except those that are moist. When you have a job that requires some bit of cutting or drilling or even coring, using an X-ray scanner will be beneficial over using the GPR. The use of the scanner system ensures that the project is more clear than when you decide to use the concrete radar. You will see your project in all the angles if some bit of utility location and leak detection are incorporated. You should reconsider those service providers whose equipment have the most recent technology. Ensure that those you hire to work for you are experienced people.