What is POS Software and Why Use It?

If you own a warehouse or store and sell items to the public, you know how difficult it can be to do inventory. In the past, you had to have one of your workers physically go around and count the items to ensure that you don’t oversell and not have the products to ship out. Thankfully, technology is changing, and you can easily make use of a POS inventory software that automatically keeps track of the items that you have in stock.

What is POS Software?

The software is integrated into your system and each item is given a unique bar code. When the bar code is scanned when items are purchased or shipped out, you’ll receive an alert that items are running low and need to be reordered. This prevents people from ordering items that you don’t have in stock. It creates a more organized and customer-friendly environment, and …

Classroom Activities Inspired by Technology

Special Activities and Communications

I guess you realize how great it is to walk into your classroom in the morning and all the kids are in their desk, sitting still, doing their morning activities and having their free in-classroom breakfast! Yes, that is wonderful. Do you see a problem here?
Sometimes, well, to be honest, it doesn’t go that well. The picture is more like a teacher walks into the classroom, and you have to call several students to task because they are out of their seats and misbehaving. There are Apps for playing music for short intervals to get the students quieted down in the morning or organizing your students for group instruction, like Class Dojo. At other times, especially if the kids are supposed to go to related arts, but the Music teacher called out that day, and the substitute didn’t show up. Good News you came …

Recharge Your Mobile Online and Avail Attractive Offers

It is been some time now that we started recharging our mobile phones online. Gone are the times when we had to purchase plans from several outlets that offered recharge coupons or paper cards till some time back. Over the years, mobile phone recharge has seen a sea of change. But in the recent times online mobile recharge has become very popular and with the easy access of online mobile recharging sites and apps, the service has become further simpler and easier.

People who are already using it are benefitting from it by availing various offers the service providers introduce from time to time for their customers. If you are a first time user of online recharge services then there is nothing to worry. All you need to do is go and search for websites and apps available for online mobile recharge. You will get a list of links on …

Airtel Online Recharge – Anytime and Anywhere

Airtel is no doubt the best and most preferred mobile network service in India. The quality and commitment they have shown since years is simply outstanding. The way, Airtel has defied all hurdles on its ways and became market leader in the industry cannot be written off. With largest customer base and far reaching accessibility, Airtel is still the first choice of customers who seeks quality service. Airtel offers both prepaid and postpaid plans to its customers with varied interests. Both the plans have become the most purchased mobile network plans in India. The tariff they are offering combined with attractive deals, discounts and offers appeals a huge customer base. But then bringing customers is easy, retaining them is not. In the case of Airtel, it is the most successful mobile network providers that has retained most of its customers unlike its competitors who has lost major client base to …

It’s Time To Take DevOps A Step Further

The devops movement, as it’s commonly called by enthusiastic developers, is taking the world by storm, and we all know the two most central components of taking over any world: Monitoring and Automation. In order for developers to be able to handle sometimes billions of users at once, they need a software program that learns the game and stays one step ahead of users. Any problem that arises should be a problem that can be solved automatically, and when that fails, there needs to be a team that can find out where things went wrong (monitoring). Finally, analysis pulls everything together because this is how developers are able to see a common problem and how it plays out, so that the next time it arises, they’re ready for it.

Automation in the digital world isn’t much different than the physical automation that takes place in factories across the country. …